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Made by Oy’Nissh GranDiece, it is a tasty and delicious vegan food for any season. You can have it grilled, shallow fried, or roasted in the oven and serve with rice and peas with vegetable on the side.

Celeriac and Nutrition

Celeriac would not look out of place in a sci-fi movie with its somewhat monstrous and alien appearance. Although possibly not the most attractive vegetable around, don’t shun celeriac just yet, as like the saying goes it’s what in the inside that really matters! And this root vegetable definitely deserves a place on your dinner plate. 

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Oy’nissh Chicken ®

For me, working with Oy’Nissh is a winner. This is because his food aids in the health promotion of fruit and vegetable consumption. All his products can be seasonal, including the newly created chicken brand.

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My Kiuesas Balls & Block Photo Gallery

This gallery is about me trying the Kiuesas balls for the first time. Also, I am trying out the Winter Beetroot Kiuesas Block as beetroot is in season. Actually, all the Oynifiers (Oy'nissh marinades on beans) that make up the different types of Kiuesas are made from...

Annette’s Mi-wexhi Bézwekiuelon In-out-ty

This is a photo gallery of my first trial at an Oy'nissh recipe. To making it more interesting, it is a vegan dish made from Elderberry Oy'nissh and Brussels Sprout Kiueses block. In short, the above recipe, written in Oy'Nissh Language, translates as; "A Grandiece...

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